• tere h.


Updated: Apr 8, 2020

sorry i've been remiss in my shop updates and writing. no need to talk about the topsy-turvy world we're all living in at the moment. unlike many who have the fortune/misfortune to be sequestered in their homes, my day job still occupies a great deal of my time, and currently, my mind. i work at a well-known university hospital in the operating room and i'm at work full-time until this 'surge' passes. in my limited free time i find that my creativity has been sidelined by the need to self-comfort, so i've been making clay hearts, lots and lots of hearts. i think once i settle into this 'new normal' - as the media keeps calling it - i will once again find my creative rhythm.

until then, whenever 'then' may be, be well and stay well. ♥