• tere h.


the etsy shop(s) are closed for now. packing up and moving in the next few days. many ideas churning in my mind. will be working on stock for the new shops: first is 'yes no maybe ok' which will be an expression of the darker, goofier side of my art. there you will find original art and sculptures focusing on specific characters, like this guy:

and yes, that is a knife in his hand.

the other shop opening is 'poppy mercantile'. i will be spending the next month or so, while in transit, perfecting a barbie-sized rabbit doll. it's been a project i have been working on for more than a year. i love the original poppy and would like to make a version of her to sell, along with some household goods like pottery, quilts and bedding, and simple furniture. perfect for the 1:6 doll collector.

i'm excited for the change! keep checking the updates for the latest info and when shops will be opening. until then follow the rabbit @little_rabbit_big_world (and @tere_hurst) for the latest.