• tere h.


thank you SO MUCH to everyone for your ORDERS and the great reviews you have taken the time to post. much appreciated. i especially love IT WHEN PHOTOS of your purchases in your own home ARE ADDED. thank you!

NOW THAT the sun is starting to come out more AND THE days getting longer, I HAVE more opportunities to take some pictures of MY OWN of new shop items. HUZZAH! before i got started though i forced myself to go out for a run, which is something i NEVER do, but this damn pandemic has closed my gym for the time being. never thought i'd miss going to the gym. ugh, going outside. i hear people like doing that type of thing, haha. not this person. i did see some cool things though:

that blue is real. why don't get that very often here, least not until july. usually just grey. many, many shades of grey. like that cement bridge.

ya, i live near this thing (fremont troll). usually it's swarmed by tourists taking photos. i never understand why. ain't no one here now. troll is all alone. maybe that's why he looks a little sad.

i love bridges. or overpasses. they are so large. i also like textures. and contrasts.

then i saw this critter:

and i knew it was going to be a good day. and it was.