• tere h.


looks like we've missed the pandemic's 'surge' here in the pnw (pacific northwest) that we were all waiting for and are now on the other side of the bell curve - hopefully. the city is still on shut-down and my day job is slow so they are allowing us to take some much needed time off. hurrah! i will finally have some time to finish up old projects, think of new ideas, clean up the studio space, and do some photogging (made up word: photographing for the blog). there will be a slew of things coming to the etsy shop in the coming weeks. some are new pieces, some old favorites (like spoons and incense houses), and some one-offs (random ideas i had made but i'm probably not repeating). these will be up on the etsy site soon if not already:

small scoops and spoons

more spoons!

my continued house obsession

rabbit portraits on clay

rabbit mugs

and more incense houses!

these items and more should be up this weekend in the etsy shop! yay!

oh! and i forgot to mention, the clay rabbit has a new instagram page. it will feature clay rabbit's 'vie quotidien'; life of one bunny living in this world.