• tere h.


been awhile. it's been a rough one for the whole world. it's hard to stay positive and feel creative. this past month has sucked it out of me. between covid, riots, blm, politics, work drama, etc, my brain has fried. i was given some time off but couldn't find any kind of creative rhythm so we got out of town and visited family. on the road trip we passed through a very empty san francisco. i think it's my new favorite way of being in the city honestly - when no one is there. we didn't hang out too long since nothing was really open though driving through the open country did give me a few hours of respite. and the sun (minus san fran, of course)! i didn't care that it was almost 100 degrees, i soaked up all i could get.

only one car on lombard street? never!

coit tower. no one!

no kids crossing here.

so empty. almost bucolic.

golden gate bridge didn't even bother coming out of the fog with no one there to admire her.

the cannery, generally teaming with tourists - not a one.

once we returned to seattle it was back to the miserable cold rain. the pandemic mess has delayed our move out of this region. i'm trying to suck it up for a few more months til things (hopefully) settle down and we can move. there are a few items to list in the shop so if the rain finally stops and the sun comes out, i'll try to get some pictures taken. cross your fingers. til then, be well and stay healthy.