• tere h.


been grumpy. think the novelty of isolation is wearing thin. here in seattle feels like we'll never open things up again. wear your damn mask! that's all i have to say about that.

my latest artwork is a reflection of my current mood:

grumpy monkey. that's what i am. lol.

bah humbug to 2020. halfway done...

any ways, on a more positive note scoops are restocked in the shop! and spoons! i've added some black clay scoops - love that black stoneware! ♥♥♥

apparently i'm into goaty goat goats right now also. goats and monkeys.

restock on a few incense houses too.

tiny dish trio. don't ask me what these are used for lol. just something i felt inspired to make and i liked the way they turned out. maybe for displaying jewelry or tiny art?

ending on a positive note. yes! these will be little pins. but putting them together i feel motivated to paint a little picture...hmmm.

the sun is out so i'm going for a walk.