• tere h.


phew! where do the months go??? while i have been busy behind the scenes not much has been posted online. the dayjob has temporarily increased to 40 hours a week, so there are precious few days of creating available. what days are available are being sucked up with the more mundane tasks of daily life. ugh,this is not making me at all happy. actually pretty damn annoyed about it, if i am honest. 2020 has really made me do some self-reflecting, like many of us, so it is forcing me to make some changes that i have been putting off for a long time - i.e. making more fucking art and screw the nine-to-five (more like 7-5, but whatever, you get the point). covid be damned. this change can't happen immediately, but it will start when we finally leave seattle in the spring. thank you jesus. big changes ahead!

in the mean time, the shop is looking a little light, i know! i've run out of the white and mixed hearts (thank you for your purchases!), so i am busy making more. they should be out of the kiln and ready for purchase later this week. also coming soon are more bud vases (including monkey business!) and heart related items.

and these three ceramic ring boxes:

(fingers crossed they survive the kiln!)

and small little what-not dishes and gold bunny pins,

and most excitedly the stocking of my new shop (like i have the time. what is wrong with me???)! it's called poppy mercantile. i don't know if you have met my new muse yet, poppy, but you'll be hearing and seeing more from her in the future also. she has a new instagram page too!

poppy's shop will be filled with household goods like hand-made quilts, pillows, and other bedding, simple wood furniture, ceramic dishware and vases, wall art and paintings, and all kinds of other wondrous things to fill your house. no, these pieces won't be human sized, but perfect for barbie and blythe sized dolls (11.5in/29,2cm).

there will also be a few of poppy's friends available for sale. so excited! I will post a sneak peek very soon and hope to have many items listed before the holidays. fingers crossed.