• tere h.


Updated: Apr 8, 2020

happy leap year! more updates in the shop. thanks to all those who have purchased some of the nifty new items!

i have added a new color to the ceramic hearts - it's like a peachy stoneware. at least that's what i'm calling it: just peachy. so when you order a mixed bag you will now get two of each color available. or order a whole dozen of these beauties :-). you also have the option of ordering a dozen of whatever combo you want: six blacks, six whites; three peach, three brown, six golden sand; you get it, your choice. just message me at checkout.

in between posting the new items i'm also working on some more teeny-tiny dishes since the ones i posted already sold out (thank you!). i really like them and they are fun to make, so i'll be adding more.

and more black stoneware spoons. i sooooo love that black clay eventhough it's a mess to work with!

and finally... finishing up on a couple of rabbit dolls!! very excited. but more on that later. for now a sneak peek: